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Who We Are?
Vishwas Healing Centre is a holistic wellness centre that pays equal attention to the health of both mind and body. We believe that the mind and body share a intimate and intricate relationship where any illness affecting one, would immediately show up on the other and vice versa. The root cause behind majority of illnesses that affect the body can be traced back to the mind.

Our expertise on counselling and other alternate healing approaches including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Tarot Reading, etc have healed thousands in this country.

What We Do?
At the outset is our holistic approach towards healthcare, where the health of the mind is as important to maintain as physical health. When the body is unwell, it shows on the mental well-being and vice versa. The mind is the ultimate deciding authority on how the body is going to function. Countless researches have shown that 98% of all illnesses are psychosomatic in origin. This means that the root cause behind all illnesses.

Therefore, our healing strategy primarily starts with the mind.There are several types of psychological counselling that we undertake, which along with many genres of traditional and alternate healing therapies pave the way for sustainable success in achieving all round health.

Vishwas Healing Centre primarily concentrates on promoting overall sense of well being in its clientèle. Not many may be aware of this, but every individual has the power and capacity of healing himself or herself. A vast majority of us do not utilize this power that lies dormant within us for two main reasons:

· We are not aware of its existence
· We do not know how to go about triggering its growth and development.
Therefore at Vishwas Healing Centre, our aim is to help our clients to discover the immense storehouse of strength within and recognize the presence of the healer inside so that he or she becomes completely independent and self-confident. Every person can be happy mentally and fit physically provided he knows how and is guided by a healing expert. He need not look for happiness and mental stimulation from the outside world.

With this noble aim in mind, we have made it our mission to make one person in every family the quintessential healer. This person should be brimming with positive energy and sound mental health to the extent that he imparts some of his wisdom, fortitude and knowledge to those around him. This person knows how to heal himself as well as those in his circle of family, friends and colleagues.

Once an individual develops and cultivates the power of healing that lay within, he is not only aware of the ailment he is suffering from but also the real cause behind it. At VHC we empower our clients to re-discover his inner strengths by which by can cope with illnesses, stresses and tensions far better.

At Vishwas Healing Centre we not only dreams big but also work hard to fulfil our dreams for the sake of a healthier community. Our dream is to help people realize their core strengths so that every individual can lead a more meaningful, happy and content life. If this empowered person can spread his leanings with others, then we can all live in a better world.


1. Counseling

Counseling is a wonderful tool to activate energy and wisdom of an individual to take a right decision to fight out the existing problem. Some of the popular issues handled with Counseling are; Career, Relationship, Marital Concerns; Sports; and Routine Behavior issues. Telephonic counseling is also available for the people living at distance.

Fees (per session): INR 1500

2. Hypnotherapy

Mind is a great creator and curator. Subconscious mind has got power to program and reprogram human behavior. The issues such as Fear, Phobia and Trauma; Marital issues like Adjustment, Sexual Dysfunction; Habits such as Poor Studies, Alcoholism, Smoking, Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, Bed Wetting, Stuttering and Stammering; Performance in Sports, Stage Activities and Studies; and issues like Weight Management; Eating Disorder, Anger, Anxiety, Insomnia, and other psychosomatic issues can be effectively addressed with hypnotherapy.

Fees (per session): INR 2500

3. Reiki Healing

Reiki energy is a gift from the supreme consciousness. Popularity of Reiki is in itself an evidence of utility of Reiki Healing for the humanity. It helps balancing of energy at chakras level. Psychic surgery, aura cleaning, protection from black energies is done with this wonderful energy. It can be done irrespective of distance.

Fees (per session): INR 2500
Fees (distant healing per month): INR 4500

4. Past Life Regression Therapy

Sometimes roots of the problem are not found in current life of the person. It may be because of the triggered effect of the primitive lives of the person. Such issues can be corrected with the use of Past Life Regression Therapy.

Fees (per session): INR 3500

5. Crystal Healing

Reiki energy is a gift from the supreme consciousness. Popularity of Reiki is in itself an evidence of utility of Reiki Healing for the humanity. It helps balancing of energy at chakras level. Psychic surgery, aura cleaning, protection from black energies is done with this wonderful energy. It can be done irrespective of distance.

Fees (per session): INR 2500

6. Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards have become popular because of their proven utility. They give strong indications about one’s past, current and future life situations. Answers for specific questions can be explored with the cards. Tarot cards utilize unlimited cosmic power by communicating thru one’s mind. Reading can be done from a distant place as well.

Fees (per 3 questions): INR 2500
Fees (additional question): INR 500

7. Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing is a process of connecting with subconscious mind of other person irrespective of distance. Psychic Reading and Psychic Healing are of immense importance for resolution of blocked energy, aura cleaning, chakra balancing, and healing.

Fees (per session): INR 2500

8. Meditation Skill Enhancement

Meditation is a wonderful means to elevate one’s spirituality. Meditation is one of the rare gifts human received from the Almighty that too thousands of years ago. Many practitioners of meditation want to have improvement in their meditative skills. You can improve your meditation skill by using a session of four hours of two sessions of two hours each.

Fees (for 4 hours): INR 5000

9. Theta Healing

Theta Healing has come as a blessing for the humanity. It is not bound by the limits of time and distance. Issues related to one’s habits, potential partnership, mind healing and psychosomatic disorders are healed with the grace of supreme consciousness. Theta healing can be done at a distant place as well.

Fees (per session): INR 2500

10. Clinical Hypnotherapy (Diploma Course)

There are five Teaching Modules of the Course:

1. Applied Hypnosis
2. Auto Hypnosis
3. Contemporary Hypnosis
4. Hypno Counselling
5. Clinical Hypnosis

11. Transpersonal Hypnosis (Certificate Course)

This course has been designed specifically to impart knowledge on metaphysics and focusses of following topics:

· Past Life Regression
· Spirit Release
· Accessing Higher Level Energies like; Spirit Guide, Masters, and Higher Self
· Using Inner advisor
· Spiritual Healing Processes

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